Thermal Imaging Survey

Often called thermographic surveys, this type of testing will detect electrical faults before the components fail.


Often called thermographic surveys, this type of testing will detect electrical faults before the components fail.


Thermal imaging surveys detect electrical and equipment faults before it’s too late. Electrical equipment that is absolutely essential to run your business or used in crucial care or emergency situations must never let you down. Thermal imaging surveys are a test to identify any potential issues. 

When it comes to your business – and any electrical equipment – prevention is always preferential to cure. PTS Compliance thermal imaging services are used as a standalone, recurring or as part of our full testing services to secure your 

PTS are a leading provider of thermal imaging surveys, compliance and electrical safety services. Our aim is to ensure your home, business or commercial property are fully supported and completely protected.

Equipment Surveyed By Thermographic Imaging

    • Fuse boards
    • Control panels
    • High and medium voltage systems
    • Switchgear
    • Power line connections and insulators
    • UPS and battery systems
    • PLC connections
    • Motor control centres
    • Busbar systems

    The team at PTS Compliance are experience thermal imaging surveyors and are fully trained on advanced technologies we use. Each survey delivers a detailed interpretation of the image, but we’ll also provide our expert, in-depth analysis as to the root cause of any issues. PTS thermal imaging surveys will also include any preventative recommendations and repair suggestions to avoid failures and faults in the future. 

    Using industry-leading cameras and software, PTS Compliance produce high-precision reports that identify any current problems, allowing you to take immediate action.

    Why Do You Need A Thermal Imaging Survey?

    Thermal imaging surveys help to prevent any fire hazards, electrical damage and risks to personnel by quickly identify ‘hot spots’. These ‘hot spots’ are the sources of any issues and are the starting point to locating the root cause of the damage. 

    Thermal imaging is a non-invasive and non-disruptive survey. This means your business does not have to shut down and equipment does not have to stop running. PTS Compliance are in the business of minimising downtime and helping you to maximise output. 

    So many of our customers choose to schedule regular thermal imaging surveys as a preventative measure to ensure the continued, smooth running of equipment. Our tests aim to reduce breakdowns, maintenance costs and any associated production losses. Regular checks also increase the lifespan and value of equipment, too. 

    PTS Compliance are safety and electrical testing experts. Thermal imaging surveys can be added to your scheduled or regular PAT testing service, scheduled in at regular intervals or as a one-off review. 

    Our team would be more than happy to make recommendations on thermal imaging for your business scale, size, equipment and output requirements. Get in touch with our professionals today.

    PTS Thermal Image Survey Fees & Info

    • Surveys charged at just £15 per distribution board

    With a minimum invoice of £299 for thermal imaging surveys

    No call out charges

    At PTS Compliance, we never charge a callout fee to travel to your premises to undertake work. If parking is unavailable on your premises, we may have to charge a small fee.

    Express or multiple certification options available

    We offer a same day certification option for an additional £10 charge. Multiple certifications or asset registers at extra charge, too.

    • Out of hours testing

    Our engineers will work around your business requirements and will even work throughout the night if that suits you. For a bespoke quotation for overnight work, simply call us today to discuss your requirements with one of our Account Managers.


    To book a Thermal Imaging Survey or to discuss your requirements further give us a call on 0800 644 5400, email us at or use our contact form.