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A PAT Test (Portable appliance test) is the process of periodically testing your electrical appliances for safety against both fire and electrocution, making sure they are effectively maintained and safe for use within the appropriate environment and according to the manufacturers specification. This is a statutory requirement in law and insurance companies require the insured to comply with all current regulations.

Is PAT testing a legal requirement?

We get asked that very question a lot;  put simply, Portable appliance testing specifically is not a legal requirement as outlined in the Electricity at Work regulations 1989. However, the law does require that an employer or duty holder ensures their electrical equipment is maintained to circumvent danger. Now this can be a little confusing and the end result could result in a fire or electricution, both unfortunate scenarios would end in the same way. To make sure you know what your duties are; we’ve put together some handy guides on our blog pages.

Can I get in trouble for not carrying out PAT testing ?

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 also places the legal responsibility on the employer (or duty holder) to ensure electrical equipment does not pose any risk to users.
Failure to comply with either of the above can result in a fine or even prosecution and depending on how severe the situation, penalties have been seen as high as 2 years in prison and unlimited fines for landlords and duty holders that have failed to meet their duties on electrical safety in the workplace.

Do I have to get every electrical appliance PAT tested every year?

In simple terms, No ! There is a mis-understanding that every electrical appliance is required to be PAT tested every 12 months. This is not the case; there are 2 main factors to determine whether an appliance is required to be tested or not.

  The stated electrical ‘class’ of the appliance

  The ‘category’ of the appliance

What does electrical class mean ?

All electrical appliances are all classified as either ‘Class 1,2 or 3’. The most dangerous are Class 1 with the least dangerous being Class 3. The class of the appliance also determines the frequency of your testing regime. This is usually every 12 months for class 1 electrical appliances and up to 48 months for class 3 appliances. The frequency of the retest date is usually set by your Health & Safety advisor or the duty holder within your business.

  Class 1 appliances only have basic insulation and relies totally on the connected earth for fire and electrical protection.

  Class 2 appliances have extra insulation (2 layers) so it doesn’t rely on the earth for any protection.

  Class 3 appliances are all ‘low voltage’ products making them the safest appliances, examples of these would be phone chargers.

Our engineers can advise you on how often you should be retesting appliances and we can even divide the asset register up into two parts; giving you both a high and low risk register making retesting easy.

Commerical PAT Testing in your workplace

What are the categories of electrical appliances?

Depending on the category of appliance will determine the level of testing it requires. This can be either a quick and easy visual inspection or a full electrical appliance inspection and test.
The categories are as follows:

  Fixed Appliances – means that they are not moveable and usually hard wired. These are low risk appliances and generally only require a visual inspection.

  Stationary Appliances – such as fridges, washing machines etc. These are low risk but if they are not ‘Class 2’ in a low risk enviroment, a full PAT test is needed.

  IT Appliances – like monitors, PC’s and laptops. These are low risk but if they are not ‘Class 2’ in a low risk enviroment, a full PAT test is needed.

  Moveable Appliances – Appliances under 18kg that is usually in the same place but could be moved. These are low/ medium risk but if they are not ‘Class 2’ in a low risk enviroment, a full PAT test is needed.

  Portable Appliances – These are appliances that can be moved easily and you can move the power source. These are all medium risk and should be PAT tested frequently.

  Cables and Chargers – These are medium risk and should be PAT tested frequently

  Handheld Appliances – Hairdryers, straighteners, drills etc. These are all high risk and should be tested every year.

Our PAT testing service comprises of:

  A fully qualified engineer to visit your premises; on a date and time that suits your business.

  Every appliance will be comprehensively visually inspected and then tested with an approved, calibrated, specialist, PAT test machine.

  Each appliance tested will have a unique NICEIC approved pass or fail label. This is green if it passes or red if the appliance fails the test.

  Full NICEIC approved asset register detailing the number of appliances or cables tested and an insurance approved certificate.

  All incorrect rated fuses we find; we will replace free of charge with the correct one.

  Any standard 3 pin damaged plugs we find will be replaced with new plugs free of charge.

Why do our clients think we are worth a 5 star rating?

PTS Compliance pride themselves on only employing City & Guilds qualified engineers. When we complete any testing our engineers almost certainly discover numerous faults within most workplaces. Poorly maintained or faulty electrical appliances can cause fires, burns or even electrocution. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, it is the employers duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees and customers within their business premises. This includes that all electrical appliances are safe to use.

How is PAT Testing carried out?

An electrical appliance test is an important series of inspections and tests carried out on your portable equipment to make sure that all aspects meet the required british and legal standards. The tests that we carry out are the following

  Visual Inspection we check the appliance for signs of any visible damage like cracked plugs or split cables

  Earth Continuity the appliance is tested to make sure it has a satisfactory earth connection

  Insulation Resistance this is checked to ensure the insulation of the appliance is satisfactory

  Leakage to make sure that the leakage back to earth is minimal

Whether you have only 5 appliances or a large number to be tested, if you want your portable appliance testing to be performed by a fully qualified and insured engineer who will arrive at the agreed time, use a fully certified and callibrated PAT tester, dressed in a tidy uniform and perform their duties whilst causing the least disruption to your business, call the UK’s best team today and you will see why we hold Trustpilot and Google 5 Star Reviews!

PAT testing cost per item?

The cost of our testing is fixed per item and based on the number of appliances you have to be tested. The more appliances you have to be tested;  the lower the rates will go.

Our rates are all listed below for your ease but if you have a large number of tests to be completed; give us a call or drop us an email and we can provide you with a quotation free of charge.
We also operate a ‘Price Match Guarantee’ so let us know what your previous quote was and we will try to match it or even better it if we can !

All this for a simple fixed price, contact us today on 0800 644 5400

Download our handy PAT Testing guide for further information or read about the regulations surrounding PAT Testing.




    Our handy guide to PAT Testing


    • £99 minimum fee (Nationwide)

    Our national coverage prices for PAT testing are simple; we charge £99 which covers the first 40 items we test. This fee covers our qualified engineers coming to your premises and completing your testing requirements. Then our quality assurance team will then create a personalised asset register, NICEIC and insurance approved certificate.

    • £129 minimum fee for up to 40 items (London based)

    For London based PAT testing our basic price for the first 40 items is £129 which includes exactly the same as above but allows for extra travelling time to your premises and any congestion charging we incur.

    • Damaged plugs and fuses replaced for free

    Any normal 230v household/office plugs which are damaged or non-complying, and any faulty or incorrectly rated fuses are replaced at no extra charge.

    • Specialist plugs replaced at £9.99 each

    Damaged or non-complying 110v yellow plugs (often used in the construction industry) are replaced at a cost of £9.99 each.

    • No call out charges to travel to your premises

    At PTS Compliance we do not charge call-out fees to travel to your premises to undertake work, however, parking fees may be charged if on-site parking at your premises is unavailable.

    • Flat Rate fee from 70p per test

    After the first 40 items we PAT test; we charge a low, simple, flat fee for each item we test thereafter. Our flat fee’s start from just 70p per test depending on how many you have, so give us a call today and see how much we can save you from your previous testing prices.

    • Out of hours testing/servicing options available

    Working around your business requirements is our skill, we will even work throughout the night if that suits you. For a bespoke PAT testing quotation for overnight work, simply call or email one of our Account Managers.

    • Supply and fit of new plugs – just £3.99 each

    Supply and fit of new 230v plugs, where none were fitted previously, are charged at £3.99 each.

    • Microwave emission testing – just £5.95 each.

    Microwave emission testing involves checking seals for leakage and costs just £5.95 per microwave tested.

    • Express or multiple certification options available

    Need your certification urgently? We offer a same day certification option for an additional £10 charge, and are also able to offer multiple certificates or asset registers at extra charge (price on request).


    To book Portable Appliance Testing services or to discuss your requirements further give us a call on 0800 644 5400, email us at [email protected] or use our contact form.