Success Story: EICR Testing at the Duke of Normandie Hotel, Guernsey.

We are thrilled to share the success story of our recent Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) testing project at the Duke of Normandie Hotel in Guernsey. Not only did this endeavor ensure the safety and compliance of the hotel’s electrical systems in accordance with current regulations, but it also resulted in substantial cost savings, thanks to the exceptional inspection efforts of our dedicated team.

John Horton, the General Manager of the Duke of Normandie Hotel, approached us to provide him with a quotation to complete his 5 year testing program of their electrical installation. After receiving quotes from local tradesmen on the island, John was surprised by the high costs involved. Determined to find a solution that aligned with the hotel’s budget and quality standards, he reached out to us for assistance.Our team, led by experienced engineers Tom and Anthony, flew from Manchester to Guernsey for a week-long project to conduct thorough periodic inspection and ( EICR ) testing. Despite the logistical challenges, Tom and Anthony approached the task with professionalism, dedication, and expertise.

Their meticulous assessment of the electrical installation uncovered potential hazards and areas for optimisation, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that prioritised safety without compromising on quality. Leveraging our industry experience and technical proficiency, we were able to complete the testing efficiently while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

The most rewarding aspect of this project was the significant cost savings achieved for the Duke of Normandie Hotel. John Horton was pleasantly surprised when he received the final invoice, which amounted to only 50% of what he was originally quoted by local tradesmen. In his own words, “Tom & Anthony were an absolute pleasure, a credit to you!”

This success story underscores the value of proactive EICR testing and the expertise of our team at PTS Compliance. We are committed to delivering exceptional results that prioritize safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

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