Emergency Lighting Installation and Servicing

All commercial and industrial buildings must be fitted with an Emergency Lighting System to ensure safe evacuation in the case of an emergency.
It is vital that these systems are properly maintained; not only because it is a statutory requirement and most insurance companies require it, but because the safety of you and staff may depend on it!
We can arrange regular inspection, testing and certification of emergency lighting systems every 6 or 12 months to ensure your premises fully comply with BS5266-1. We'll also provide the required documentation and log book.

For the majority of clients, we provide annual inspection, testing and certification of emergency lighting. We use fully qualified electricians, experienced in the testing of emergency lighting. We can also supply standard or bespoke log books, so that following the full annual test, a designated member of your staff can quickly and easily perform monthly checks using an easy to follow (tick box style) log book.

Our inspection and testing procedures include the following:

  • Luminaire duration testing
  • Cleaning of diffusers
  • Battery charging functional check
  • Labelling of luminaires
  • Supply of test results and/or log books
  • Supply and fitting of emergency exit directional signs
  • Advice on any improvements required
  • Certification
  • General Information on Emergency Lighting

The purpose of emergency lighting testing is to ensure that emergency lights remain fully functional (for the specified duration) during mains electrical failure and that all lighting and exit signs are up to date with current legislation and are adequate for the purpose intended. BS5266 recommends that emergency lighting systems be regularly serviced by 'competant' persons, these being persons with the necessary knowledge, skills and training to undertake emergency lighting servicing procedures.

Implementation of a periodic system of inspection and testing ensures that emergency lighting systems remain reliable at all times and that in the event of an emergency or power failure, the emergency lighting operates, ensuring that people can safely evacuate the building.

If you have 5 or more employees, you are required by law (under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order) to carry out a fire safety risk assessment. We offer a tailored risk assessment service to to help employers fulfil their statutory obligations under the Order.

Routine Testing should be carried out:

Daily - visual check to ensure that emergency lighting systems are operating correctly and that indicators are working.

This will be carried out by the 'responsible person' delegated to the task by the organisation/business. Any faults should be logged and corrected asap.

Monthly - Check all luminaires for signs of damage or disrepair. Briefly test all emergency lights to ensure that they operate in the event of mains electricity supply failure. This will usually be carried out by the 'responsible person'. Any faults should be logged and corrected asap.

Annually - A full system inspection and duration test of the emergency lights should be performed by a 'competent person' , this being a person with the necessary skills, training and knowledge to perform emergency lighting maintenance and servicing. Compliance with BS5266 should be considered and produced in the emergency lighting certification report. Any faults should be rectified. Our engineers are qualified and experienced in the routine inspection and testing of emergency lighting systems.

Where are Emergency Lights Required?

  • Emergency lights are required where artificial lighting is installed On escape routes
  • Open areas greater than 60 square metres
  • Areas of special risk
  • Near to stairs and adequate to shine direct light on all treads
  • At any change of direction
  • At any changes in floor level
  • Near to corridors and intersections
  • Near to fire fighting equipment
  • Near to first aid points
  • Outside each final exit point

As Emergency Lighting specialists, we have considerable expertise in the testing and inspection of these systems. From schools and colleges to commercial offices and retail premises, we provide organisations of all types with an on going programme of testing and certification, along with remedial works if required.

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