The minefield surrounding workplace compliance

When I started my business in the January of 2011, I noticed that after going to many clients that there was a distinct lack of knowledge and information surrounding workplace compliance. So I thought I would write a short piece with lots of links to helpful content. Here is my handy guide to everything compliance.

I’ve met some really fantastic inspirational entrepreneurs that make beautiful products or supply an amazing service. Yet still there is no one to ever tell them that once they open their first premises or employ their first employee they then had to comply with many different laws and regulations.

Do you know that PAT testing your appliances isn’t law? but you can find yourself in court being prosecuted by the HSE, fined or even imprisoned if a member of staff or the public were to injure themselves whilst using your untested electrical appliance?

Then for good measure; your insurers will invalidate your insurance because; and here’s the small print, PAT testing is covered within your duty of care covered in the Electricity At Work Regulations 1989.

The minefield continues; are you aware that it is law to have emergency lighting in all commercial, HMO’s, factories and industrial buildings and these are all governed by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. They come with their own testing regimes and log book requirements.

Fire Alarms, EICR’s, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency lighting and Fire Risk Assessments; the list is endless

PTS Compliance has evolved into a fully nationwide B2B compliance partner. We provide an arsenal of services to make sure that you spend more time making and selling your product or service rather than getting tied up in red tape.

11 years on and we employ over 35 experts in the field up and down the country; who, are waiting to assist in any way they can. We multi qualify our engineers so they can carry out several services in just one visit, saving our clients’ money, time and the environment.

If you use a different company for each of your compliance requirements, take 5 minutes and see what we can offer and how much time, effort and money we can save your business.

For those of you that own and run your own business; I thought I would help with a handy all in one log book that not only is somewhere to record your compliance regimes but also explains what you need to do to meet those requirements.

Download our all in one log book here

For more information on our services please feel free to read further

I hope that the infomation on these linked pages goes someway to make things easier to understand the requirements. If you have any questions then my team are waiting for your email or call.

Steve Kaye – Managing Director